Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Ceremony

First of all, this is your wedding. Incorporate your personal ideas into your plans. Be creative, romantic, sentimental or outrageous (if you wish). Here is a quick overview of unique ideas and suggestions to consider as you design, create and write your wedding ceremony.

Bride/Honoring Your Mother and new Mother-In-Law

On the way down the aisle, before taking her place beside the groom, the bride pauses and presents both her mother and her soon-to-be mother-in-law with special lace hankerchiefs embroidered with details of the occasion.

Groom/Honoring Mother and new Mother-in-Law

Have the groom escort both his mother and the bride's mother to their seats in the processional.

Unique, Memorable Rituals

Include special rituals and moments in your ceremony. Consider a rose exchange, blessing of parents and children, drinking of the wine/breaking the glass, a great moment of humor, offering a family medallion to children or celebrating by having your beloved pooch be your "best dog."

Blending Families

Include children or mention them if you are blending two families. Have your child(ren) sign the wedding certificate along with your witnesses.

Honoring a Loved One

Mention a family member who has passed and honor their memory.

Stand Up!

Have all parents stand to be recognized at the time the Bride is presented to the groom.

Flip the Ceremony Around

Consider facing your guests instead of having your back to them.

Be Grateful

Mention and thank the person who introduced you during the ceremony.

Special Reading

Have a close family member or friend read a poem during the ceremony.

Festive Processional Music

Select something non-traditional for your recessional music. How about James Brown's "I Feel Good!"


Consider being married by candlelight - nothing is more romantic!

Add Some Fun

Have your attendants hold up rating cards after the marriage declaration/kiss.

Have a surprise wedding! Truly!

Invite everyone over for a party and imagine their shock when you change into your gown and tuxedos!

Special Note: When your ceremony is prepared with care and love, whatever happens during the ceremony itself (dropping the rings, flubbing your lines, etc.), becomes part of the magic and joy of the moment and contributes to the specialness of your day. So have fun, be creative and enjoy the process of creating your ceremony.

Annemarie Juhlian is a non-denominational Celebrant/Officiant in Seattle,Washington. She can be reached via email or 425.922.1325.

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